At BEWISE we love a challenge

We also take great pride in our work, especially when our team is called upon to go the extra mile and complete a complex or difficult ICT project where the end result exceeds expectations. When this happens, we call it a ‘Masterpiece’.

These are some of our more unique projects that made us challenge ourselves and create new benchmarks for the future. From huge in scale and demanding projects, to intricately difficult challenges and impossible deadlines, there is no job too big, too complex, or too small.

Here are just a few which fit the bill:


Microsoft solutions project at SUNLIGHT

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"Microsoft 365" Project at Pharmathen Pharmaceuticals for 750 employees

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CRM – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project

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How Alumil surpassed the struggle of their old of Dynamics CRM, increasing their team performance within 4 months

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