How Loulis Food Ingredients adopted the innovative and easy-to-use solution of Power BI, in order to seamlessly monitor all the actions of the company.


  • The No 1 flour milling company in Greece, with locations in Greece and Bulgaria and worldwide exports, assigned BEWISE with a very important project concerning the Business Intelligence system using Power BI and the connection to the existing SAP HANA, a system already in use in the company.
  • In order to seamlessly monitor all its actions, the company had initially installed the SAC – Sap Analytics Cloud system, a Business Intelligence platform, which, however, did not meet the exact needs of the company, making it difficult to use and ultimately bringing low engagement among users.
  • The challenge for BEWISE was to install a new Business Intelligence tool, which would
    not only be easy to use, so that it could be used by the entire organization and achieve
    maximum engagement through the application, but also work as a single point of truth,
    offering clean, accurate and fast information, in order to make immediate business

"Our group has been methodically implementing an investment project towards its digital transformation. BEWISE help us in recording our business vital needs and we proceeded to the implementation of the project together. Through every step of the way, BEWISE acted as a consultant who deeply understood the business needs of our company.” -Nikolaos Loulis, Chairman of Loulis Food Ingredients


  • Sales information based on their time analysis
  • Targeting salespeople and achieving goals
  • Use AI capabilities of Power BI to forecast sales and explain charts
  • Market analysis
  • Financial reports – PnL – Cashflow – Analysis of remaining customers
  • Production costing
  • Inventory Analysis – Image of inventory at a given time in the past. Compare inventory and trends by product category, factory and warehouse.


  • For a project awarded with a Gold in Big Data & Business Analytics Solutions
    of Impact BITE Awards 2022, BEWISE managed to create specialized reports
    that provide accurate data with personalized conclusions, attracting more daily
    users and increasing engagement, which is proven by the available platform
    usage data.
  • The new platform proves to be particularly popular and user-friendly, as it
    ensures absolute personalization of results and data, according to the needs and
    questions that the user is asked to answer in each case, thus giving him the
    possibility to obtain an accurate result with understandable data, cut and sewn to
    each request.
  • As the pandemic has shown, the data needed to make important decisions must
    be available to anyone at any time. This project managed to simplify
    time-consuming procedures, making a wealth of data available in a minimum of
    time to any user within the Group, anywhere in the world.



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