CRM – Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project

Interworks SA, one of the leading distributors and service providers for cloud and data centers in the Greek market, chose BEWISE for the implementation of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM solution.

The aim of the project involved the complete transfer of the existing CRM to Dynamics 365 and its use by all the company departments. Working closely with the Interworks SA sales and marketing departments, the BEWISE implementation team designed and implemented an integrated sales cycle process from lead management and the creation of new associates (wins) to its resellers’ network sales recordings. The above process is recorded in Dynamics 365, which is connected to the advanced marketing automation platform used by Interworks SA, as well as the enterprise’s ERP system

BEWISE completed the project in 5 months, with much of the implementation being dedicated to the thorough analysis of Interworks’ needs followed by the collection and organization of data in a common tool for all users, which will ensure the transparency of tasks, and will provide a complete and real-time marketing campaign and sales cycle results (leads, opportunities, lead conversion rate, average conversion time, won deals acquisition cost, sales pipeline). Given that it is able to integrate its CRM with other tools that it uses internally, Interworks has now moved forward with the visualization of reports within Dynamics 365 via Microsoft Power BI. This establishes the company as a data-driven and objective-oriented organization. “The choice of BEWISE as an integrator for this project was successful at all levels. Given our long-standing and established cooperation, we managed to convey the specifications of the project to their internal team with ease. They immediately realized the needs and our vision for the integration of our marketing and sales departments’ systems and responded quickly and with professionalism. Their expertise and dedication to the outcome is one of the main reasons this project was successful”, said Pelagia Papoulidou, Vice President of Marketing at Interworks. She went on to say that, “BEWISE was recently added to our Gold partner network, which makes us feel proud and gives us great pleasure that through BEWISE we will be able to serve end companies with the highest quality standards, especially for such complex projects as the one we implemented together”.

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