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Manage your people’s vacations and other leaves, worry-free, with the eLeaves App.

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The eLeaves App helps all members of your company achieve the visibility and collaboration required to effectively handle employees’ absences without hindering the company’s growth. It is a simple leave tracking tool that helps growing companies like yours work more efficiently, by providing everyone with easy access to all essential leave information and by incorporating workflows with multi-level approval mechanisms.

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With Bewise, you can manage your people's vacations and other leaves, worry-free, with the eLeaves App.

The eLeaves App helps you save time, money, and resources, while improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

  • 3 roles available:
    • Employee
      • Submits leaves requests
      • Checks status of submitted request
      • Historical data
      • Balance data
      • Company holidays
      • Details on leaves types available
    • Manager
      • Reviews leaves requested by department employees
      • Responds to leaves requests (approve/reject/email)
      • Balance data of employees
    • HR
      • Reviews leaves requested by all employees
  • Impersonation available for employees controlled dynamically by the system admins
  • Personalised user experience whereby app displays different tiles based on the user’s logged in role
Leave Request

This screen displays the leaves requested. Employee users only see their leaves. Manager users see the leaves requested by employees in their departments.

The screen provides easy sorting and filtering for leave requests including:

  • Filtering by leave status (e.g. Pending requests)
  • Filtering by leave code or employee name (for managers)
  • Filtering by leave type (e.g. Sick leave)
  • Filtering by year (historical data)

The side pane provides useful insights to the leaves request while more information can be gathered from the detailed leaves request screen.

Leave Calendar

All requests can be viewed in the form of a calendar as well. The calendar provides enhanced user experiences by helping visualise the says of leave within the month.

Additional functionality includes:

  • Filtering by leave type
  • Jump to current date
  • Jump to selected month/year

Colour-coded leaves populate the calendar which can be further expanded for more information or quick editing without ever leaving the screen.

New Request

New requests can be easily submitted from every screen of the app.

Leave requests are submitted for each of the available dynamic leave types the user is entitled to. Not all types are available to all users (e.g. Parental - School).

The app automatically calculates the working days requested for the leave by taking into account weekends and holidays.

The request is submitted to the employee’s manager directly with comments.

Leave Request Response

Requests can be approved or rejected in one of two ways by the manager:

  1. Directly from the app. The approver here has the ability to see overlapping leave days for employees within their department, add comments and then submit the response.

    Additionally, the app supports sending of emails to the requestor directly from within the app without ever having to switch to Outlook.

  2. Directly from the actionable outlook message card received upon submission. Once the approver’s response is captured, the outlook message card automatically updates to a new one, providing the approval’s details for historical purposes.

Leaves Balance

Employees can have an accurate image of their leave balance for each leave type.

Year Totals are also available from this screen.

More information can be added to each leave type by the HR to help users with the submission of their leave requests.

The balance is synchronised at regular intervals so that the user has the most up - to - date version of their balance. However, an on - demand recalculation enables users to request a fresh copy of their leave balance

The app shows the actual employee’s balance, not taking into account holidays or days remaining from last year.

Leaves Details

App admins or the HR department can populate the app with information for each leave type.

Such information could help the users request leaves having accumulated all the appropriate information ahead of time.

Information displayed transparently and available to all has been correlated to increased productivity and decreased communication errors.

  • Cloud Application – Access from Anywhere
  • Accessible through any Web Browser
  • Responsive mobile design optimized for Smartphone/Tablet users
  • Cloud Data Storage – SharePoint
  • Reliable service with strong authentication based on your M365 account
  • Seamless integration with Office Suite
  • Easy User Experience that eliminates user training requirements
Technologies Employed
The eLeaves App is a web-based solution developed on Microsoft’s Power Platform. As a result, it is compatible with all the products, services and business applications of Microsoft, helping you achieve access to a reliable and user-friendly service from anywhere, managing easily team’s absences, with a seamless integration with your company’s procedures and systems. More specifically, the eLeaves App exploits the benefits of the following technologies:
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