Given there is a hacker attack every 39 seconds, cyber security is arguably the most important subject of our time — for both people and businesses.

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Dedicated to cybersecurity

The digital world can be complex and confusing sometimes. With a laser-like focus on cyber security, BEWISE has your back when it comes to this vital topic. Our team of experts provide the knowledge and tools to keep your business protected, in compliance with regulations, and informed.

And since the digital landscape is in a constant state of evolution, we view cybersecurity as a continuous process rather than an end goal in itself.


defensive and offensive

We have two distinct teams to our particular approach offering both defensive and offensive solutions which cover the full spectrum of digital security to ensure your business is fully protected from any threat.

• The blue team that designs and implements security defensive solutions to our customers
• The red team (ethical hackers) that design and execute cyber attacks in order to test systems and report vulnerabilities to the management of the organizations.

We use Cisco, Microsoft, Fortinet and F5 solutions to implement defensive security solutions in all levels (end-point protection, perimeter security, MFA, DLP, Threat intelligence, etc.).

Our red team designs and executes penetration tests, red-team attacks, physical assessment, social engineering services, digital forensics, among others.



If you’re confused about IT compliance, we don’t blame you; it can be an extremely complex business. That’s why we at BEWISE, we provide a rich array of compliance services to help you align your business processes, security, and threat management with your business goals.

On a fundamental level you must ensure that your technology infrastructure meets all the legal requirements, on both national and industry-specific levels, such as GDPR for example. The hard part is that regulations are constantly evolving based on industry innovations, environmental trends, and emerging risks, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve. Remember what we said about security being a continuous process?

Our Cyprus office designs compliance systems in the areas of GDPR, ISO 27001 (systems security) and ISO 22301 (business continuity systems). We also offer DPO services to our customer according to GDPR directions.