How HEROCK started reusing Power BI and it became the most significant decision-making tool.


  • Herock is a clothing company producing specialised workwear, tested in demanding conditions by scientists, that is based in Belgium and operates in 14 countries
  • The company was operating a cumbersome CRM platform with an ERP system by a local provider in Belgium. That created the need for a combination of CRM and ERP data through a unified reporting tool, to provide immediate and quick information, updated data for the sales, purchasing and inventory departments
  • The challenge for BEWISE was time! The company was not familiar to the Power BI and they had only unsuccessfully tried to build a CRM platform, which caused the loss of important time. BEWISE managed to set the Power BI and connect it to their existing CRM and ERP platforms within a month, offering 6 pages of sales reports combined with CRM data.

"Although our first effort didn't go as planned, we decided to contact BEWISE for the project. The work we implemented with BEWISE brings us closer to our goal, which is to better serve our executives and partners. In BEWISE we saw the partner who immediately and deeply understood our needs in this particularly demanding period and with the experience and expertise, they used technologies and solutions that offer us security and reliability.” -Laurent Van Laere, CEO of Herock


  • Connection to Dynamics CRM 365
  • Connection to the local ERP (in Belgium)
  • Creation of a sales model
  • Sales reporting – total sales analysis
  • Sales backlog – pending orders
  • Purchases report
  • Stock report
  • Salesman report – sales per salesperson


  • Immediacy in concluding the project
  • Engagement of the sales team in Power BI as a tool to follow targets, sales (per salesperson)
  • Use as a purchasing forecasting tool, offering the company the possibility to preorder their supplies
  • It is worth mentioning that the project was implemented fully remotely, as the BEWISE team working on it wereall in Greece
  • The number of daily users is a strong proof of how the Power BI has become a significant tool.



daily users (sales & top management)


month to implement and use


daily views