Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project for ALUMIL and its 350 employees

The transition to cloud and the dynamic upgrade of the functions of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 platform, which ALUMIL operated on premise, as well as significant functionality extensions were implemented in cooperation with the ALUMIL IT Department staff.

The project was designed and implemented in a running company, without any disruption whatsoever to the staff’s daily operations and the company’s business continuity; thus, 350 users now have upgraded user experience and real time connectivity with another three data exchange systems that are used by the company.

At the same time, significant extensions were made to the functionality of the sales application and the recording and handling of complaints. Taking advantage of the cloud capabilities, the necessary upgrades were made to significantly improve the ALUMIL group’s sales department operations. Lastly, Outlook integration and Dynamics 365 mobile app features were utilized in the user’s daily operations, while Customer Voice was implemented to meet the needs of the GDPR and the customer satisfaction survey.

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