How EUROMEDICA transitioned to the next day of Microsoft Cloud through tailored solutions by BEWISE.

  • Euromedica Group manages one of the largest networks of primary and secondary care in Greece. The Group provides its services through an extensive network, which consists of diagnostic centers, private clinics, an assisted reproduction unit and rehabilitation centers in the largest Greek cities
  • With branches across Greece, each having their own database, the need was to intergrade data from different systems in a central data warehouse and therefore, combine data from SAP, IASIS and other databases
  • In order to provide an overall report of the Group, that would be clear and user friendly, there was need for a single point of truth (SPOF) concerning useful data
  • To provide immediacy and accuracy in decision making, via updated data
  • The challenge for BEWISE was to modernize the services provided by EUROMEDICA, developing modern technological infrastructures and IT systems and unifying all its companies under a single technological platform.

"Our Group need to proceed to a complete digital transformation, not only aiming to better serve patients, but also to facilitate our processes & increase the productivity of our executives & partners. We turned to BEWISE who understood the needs of the Group & proposed solutions that were precisely adapted to them, utilizing technologies & solutions that offer us reliability .” -Michalis Spanos, Senior Executive Healthcare Digital Transformation & Innovation Officer


  • Creation of a data warehouse SQL Azure
  • Connection to SAP
  • Creation of pipelines & data cleansing using an Azure data factory
  • Creation of automated procedures for the reconciliation of data
  • Reporting in Power BI – analysis of statistics of the diagnostic tests
  • Analysis of the clinic stays
  • Analysis of hospital days
  • Financial reporting
  • Revenues per doctor/clinic


  • During the 3 years of cooperation with EUROMEDICA,
    BEWISE has managed to create specialized reports, to
    provide accurate data with personalized conclusions,
    attracting more daily users and increasing engagement
  • Increase of the use of Power BI as a tool among the teams of
    the Group
  • Disconnection of the source system from reporting, ensuring
    a better performance for the Iasis system
  • Modernization of the services through the development of
    modern technological infrastructures and IT systems and
    unification of all databases under one platform



reports of specialized data


different departments are using the reporting tools


decrease in data export