Penetration Testing

What would a hacker do? You don’t want to know. But because we do know, we ensure that we test your systems and applications for the vulnerabilities we highlight (and a few more for good measure) in the assessment. This detailed process includes:

Automated and manual testing

Evaluation and exploitation of vulnerabilities and findings

The quality of such engagement is significantly based on the skills and the methodology of the pentester(s)

It is highly recommended that a pentest is conducted after a Vulnerability Assessment

Included in the testing processes are: web applications, mobile applications, infrastructure / network / system, and wireless Internet.

Web Applications

Mobile Applications


Wireless Internet

One more thing. We also run comprehensive social engineering testing. Which basically means guarding against the threat of when human psychology is compromised by cyber or physical means.

The goal is to test and arise the security awareness of the target. Phishing is a form of social engineering and it is the one most commonly requested by clients.

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