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Compliance Services

Confused about IT compliance? We don’t blame you; it can be an extremely complex business. That’s why we provide a range of additional compliance services to help you align your security, compliance, and threat management with your business goals.

On a fundamental level you need to ensure that your technology infrastructure meets legal requirements, on both a national and industry-specific level. The hard part is that such regulations are constantly evolving based on industry innovations, environmental trends, and emerging risks, so it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.

That’s where we come in. Our team of technical and legal l advisors will walk you through the labyrinth and make sure there’s no gaps in your processes or performance where cybersecurity is concerned.

Data Protection Officer (DPO)  as a service

The challenge

In today’s fast-paced digital environment, data is everything. And so the protection of that data – yours as well as that of your customers’ – has taken on new importance. Especially in the age of the EU’s GDPR regulations, privacy is a huge risk management issue for all organizations. The primary role of the DPO is to ensure that your organisation processes the personal data of its staff, customers, providers or any other individuals (also referred to as data subjects) in compliance with the applicable data protection rules. Having said that, recruiting your own DPO can be expensive, time-consuming, may create conflict of interest concerns or even, unnecessary.

The solution

We provide DPO as a service option to provide the very best guidance on designing, implementing and auditing internal procedures and processes as well as IT systems and Information Security Management Systems. How? Our PECB Certified advisors can provide a consultation based on your needs and upon agreement, take on of the management of your data protection needs by providing an ongoing end-to-end customised integrated data privacy framework.

Key features

Legal and technical advice on:
• Data protection audit and risk assessment
• Data collection processes and related retention policies
• Cross border data transfers and Cloud Computing
• GDPR Article 30 data processing reporting requirements
• Handling of employee data
• Consent issues
• Design your Data Privacy register
• Data Privacy Impact Assessment (DPIA) Framework
• Web site assessment including E cookies and Privacy Policies
• Data Privacy Contract management support
• Supplier data privacy legal assessment and Data controller – processor requirements
• Data breaches and breach management policies Digital Marketing
• Project Based Customized Services
• In addition, our legal team provides technical training and seminars to management and employees alike on practical aspects of the data protection and privacy regime.

ISO  27001

Information Security Management Systems

What is ISO 27001:2013

ISO 27001 is the international standard which is recognized globally for managing risks to the security of information you hold. Certification to ISO 27001 allows you to prove to your clients and other stakeholders that you are managing the security of your information. ISO 27001:2013 (the current version of ISO 27001) provides a set of standardized requirements for an Information Security Management System (ISMS). The standard adopts a process-based approach for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, maintaining, and improving your ISMS.
The ISO 27001 standard and ISMS provides a framework for information security management best practice that helps organizations to:

• Keeps confidential information secure
• Provides customers and stakeholders with confidence in how you manage risk
• Allows for secure exchange of information
• Helps you to comply with other regulations (e.g. GDPR)
• Provide you with a competitive advantage
• Enhanced customer satisfaction that improves client retention
• Consistency in the delivery of your service or product
• Manages and minimizes risk exposure
• Builds a culture of security
• Protects the company, assets, shareholders and directors
• Protect the company’s brand image

Protecting your organization’s information is critical for the successful management and smooth operation of your organization. Achieving ISO 27001 will aid your organization in managing and protecting your valuable data and information assets.

How we can help you

BEWISE’s ISO 27001 consultants will:
• Arrange and oversee the formal external audit process.
• Define and implement a regime of continual improvement.

ISO  22301

Business Continuity Management Systems

What is ISO22301:2012

ISO 22301 is the international standard for Business Continuity Management (BCM). It provides a practical framework for setting up and managing an effective business continuity management system, that aims to safeguard an organization from a wide range of potential threats and disruptions. It specifies requirements to plan, establish, implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain and continually improve a documented management system to protect against, reduce the likelihood of occurrence, prepare for, respond to, and recover from disruptive incidents when they arise. Obtaining ISO 22301 certification should be high on the priority list of organizations that need to demonstrate to their stakeholders that they can rapidly overcome operational disruptions to provide continued and effective service.

The requirements specified in ISO 22301:2012 are generic and intended to be applicable to all organizations, or parts thereof, regardless of type, size and nature of the organization. The extent of application of these requirements depends on the organization’s operating environment and complexity.

Benefits of ISO 22301 Business Continuity Management

•   Protect assets, turnover and profits: Effective business continuity management (BCM) enables organizations to protect their income steam following an incident or disaster, while reducing the risk of further losses.

•   Ensure continuity of business operations: A BCMS helps maintain an organization’s service levels to its customers. It also helps business leaders to assess the potential impacts of an operational disruption, make the right decisions quickly, deploy an effective response and minimize the overall impact.

•   Increase competitive advantage and enhance corporate reputation: Organizations with an ISO 22301-compliant BCMS can improve customer confidence in the organization’s ability to respond to incidents.

•   Meet legal and regulatory requirements: We recommend ISO 22301 compliance as a useful tool for implementing a well-defined incident response and reporting structure, so organizations can demonstrate they are taking steps to comply with regulatory requirements, such as the and the the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the NIS Directive.

•   Obtain an independent assessment of your security posture: Accredited certification involves regular reviews and internal audits that provide an expert opinion as to whether the BCMS is functioning properly and provides the level of security needed to protect the organization’s products and services.


How we can help you

BEWISE’s ISO 22301 consultants will:
Arrange and oversee the formal external audit process.
Define and implement a regime of continual improvement.

 PECB trainings

PECB is a global provider of training, examination, audit, and certification services. It offers its expertise in multiple fields, including but not limited to Information Security, IT, Business Continuity, Service Management, Quality Management Systems, Risk & Management, Health, Safety, and Environment.

We’re proud of our partnership with PECB to distribute training courses in Cyprus. We make sure we offer our clients and IT professionals the best training experience that is accurate, credible and practical in areas like PECB ISO 22301, ISO 27001, ISO 27701 and GDPR.

PECB GDPR – Certified Data Protection Officer

Develop the competencies and knowledge necessary to lead all the processes to comply with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in an organization.

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PECB Certified ISO 22301 Lead Implementer

Master the implementation and management of Business Continuity Management Systems

(BCMS) based on ISO 22301

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PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Auditor

Master the Audit of Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001

PECB Certified ISO/IEC 27001 Lead Implementer

Master the implementation and management of Information Security Management Systems

(ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001

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PECB Certified ISO 22301 Lead Auditor

Master the Audit of Business Continuity Management Systems (BCMS) based on ISO 22301

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